Greensboro Personal Injury Attorney – FAQ


How can I afford an attorney?

The thought that legal representation is costly may deter you from seeking out the services of an attorney, but at our law firm, we make sure we incorporate ways to accommodate your financial needs. Our initial consultations are always free, and we will work with you on payment plans throughout your case. We cost you nothing up front; our payment comes out of your final settlement offer. If you are feeling weary about payments, we would be more than happy to sit down and discuss them with you.


Why should I hire an attorney if the insurance company has already made me an offer?

Watch out for this strategy used by insurance companies! They will quickly offer you a settlement option to try and end your claim quickly and cost-effectively. By accepting their immediate offer, you may be denying yourself of compensation for injuries that have not manifested yet. Hiring an attorney ensures that the full spectrum of your damages is covered, and you will receive a much higher settlement sum.


What steps should I take after being in a car accident?

First of all, get medical attention for anyone who is injured. Once you have addressed pressing medical matters, contact law enforcement. Cooperate with law enforcement, and ensure that a full police report is taken. Exchange insurance and license information with the other driver(s), and stop it at that – do not discuss anything involving fault with the other driver. Contact your own insurance company and notify them of the accident. Survey the scene and document as much as possible. This should include photographs, drawings, diagrams, witness statements and information, road conditions, weather conditions – anything relating to the accident. Finally, contact our law offices to begin building your claim and protecting yourself from the insurance companies.


How do I know whether or not I have a substantial claim?

During your free consultation session, our experienced attorneys will help advise you about how your personal injury claim stands. Oftentimes, it is best to settle your claim outside of court, but the final decision ultimately rests in your hand. However, we will be here to advise and inform you every step of the way.


The insurance company keeps trying to contact me. Shouldn’t I speak to them?

No, you are not obligated to speak to the insurance company about the accident. Our job as your lawyer is to handle that for you – we will take care of speaking to the insurance company so that your case is not compromised. You are encouraged to refer them to our offices if they need to speak to you about the accident.


These questions only begin to scratch the surface in terms of your personal injury claim, so don’t hesitate to call our offices to get answers to any further questions you may have.